Who was the most important venture capitalist of all time?

We argue that Mr. Spencer Trask may lay claim to that title. nn the 1870s, Mr. Trask financed Thomas Edison’s invention of the lightbulb, today the very symbol of a bright idea. He launched the modern age of electricity as the first President of the first electric company. ConEd and was majority shareholder and first Chairman of The New York Times, arguably the most influential publication in the world. Mr. Trask also helped start what became the most valuable and profitable company in history – General Electric.

Mr. Trask’s vision and bold actions changed the world, impacting virtually every human being over the last century.

Today, Spencer Trask continues this powerful legacy. We seek to identify and support the next generation of Edisons– visionaries whose breakthrough innovations represent a better tomorrow.

Our performance should give venturesome investors the confidence required to think long term. Those who have done so in the past have been among the first to see and support pioneering companies behind some of the biggest revolutionary companies of our time. We co-founded the first genomics company with Nobel Laureate Dr. Walter Gilbert. The Chairman of Spencer Trask & Co. spearheaded the start-up of the first photonics company, CIENA Corporation, one of the most successful venture investments of modern times. And he also founded The Immune Response Corporation with Dr. Jonas Salk to develop the first AIDS vaccine.

We believe the best is yet to come as we explore the dreams of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs for the big ideas that will shape the next 100 years. We are excited to see the next big discoveries.